WODS 04NOV13-10NOV13

CrossFit Blue and Gold

04NOV13 – 03NOV13

 Monday – On your own

  1. Deadlift: 5@65%, 5@75%, 5+@85%
  2. Complete for time:
    Complete 4 rounds:
    5 Squat Jumps w/ Knees to Chest
    1 Twenty Yard Short Shuttle Run
    *Rest 90 seconds between rounds
    *Jump as high as possible on Squat Jumps – full depth before you jump


In teams of 4:
AMRAP in 25 Minutes
4 x 250m Row Relay
4 x 10 Ring Dip Relay
4 x 10 Pull-Ups Relay
4 x 10 Front Squats Relay (135/95)
***At the top of every minute: 5 Burpees Simultaneously


WOD 1: Burgener Warmup and skill transfer exercises followed by 3 position Snatch work with empty bar: 3 reps at each position x 3, then,
A. 2 pos snatch: 1+1rep at each position x 5 sets; 2 pos snatch = hang snatch + floor snatch = 1 set.
make sure you are receiving it in the hole or riding it all the way down to bottom of the squat.
B. Snatch pulls: 3@65%x1, 2@75%x2, 1@85%x3
Five rounds for time of:
10 Wall climbs
10 Toes to bar
10 Box jumps, 24″ box

For the wall climbs, start with your toes and chest on the deck, walk your feet up the wall until your chest touches the wall, and then descend back to the original position.

Burgener Warmup for Cleans, followed by 3 position clean practice w/ empy bar.
2 pos cleans: 1+1 rep at each position x 5 sets.

10 rounds for time of:
5 x push press @ 115/75
1 x rope climb

Active Rest Day

Active Rest Day


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