WODS 17MAR14 – 21MAR14



1) Back Squat 135# or 60% as many reps as possible

2) Strict Press 95# or 60% as many reps as possible

3) 5 Rounds for time:

400m run

25 hand release push ups

25 sit ups

25 squats


1) 15 min Skill Work (pick the skill you have been working on)

2) 6 rounds

30 sec Handstand hold(nose and toes to the wall/tight stomach!)

30 sec L-sit

30 sec pull up hold

30 sec rest

*Note if you fail in the middle of your hold your time stops. You must complete a 30 sec hold every time.

3)If time and body permits: 2 min burpee buy out



1) Burgener Warm-Up for Snatches

2) Snatch practice

3) 10 min work up to heavy snatch

4) 15 min AMRAP

5 squat snatches at 70% of above

10 burpees over barbell(must face barbell, full extension not required)


1) Deadlift 225# or 60% AMRAP

2) More stones:

10 min AMRAP

10 stone deadlift

5 box jumps

10 stone ground to shoulder

5 box jumps


1) “Grace”

30 reps for time

Clean and Jerk 135#/95#


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