Why We Have The Blog

Why start the blog, eh?

We want to have an interface where we can talk about anything we want related to life, leadership, nutrition, CrossFit – pretty much anything is fair game – and not be limited to the hour that we spend in the box for class.

We will use this blog to post workouts, articles (from other sources as well as our own), pictures, and other kinds of pertinent information.


Based on your feedback and an internal evaluation we figured out two things:

1. Members (you all) would like access to the WODs in advance.

2. We feel that, as an affiliate, we need to minimize this separation between the “team” and the rest of the athletes.

Members would like access to the WODs in advance.

This was phenomenal feedback and is a great idea. The coaches know the whole week’s schedule by Sunday, and you guys should too.

Keep something in mind.

The best way to achieve a high level of GPP(General Physical Preparedness) is to stick to the programming. This is for your benefit so you can prepare yourself for the workouts – not pick and choose which ones to attend.

It is to prevent you from doing a 2-hour squat workout then doing 31 Heroes (you know who you are) that has a crapload of heavy Thrusters.

Bad idea.

LCDR Ryan has done an AWESOME JOB with the programming thus far and it works. If you stick to the programming and trust it, you will be surprised to see how much stronger, more flexible, faster, and better you will be.

Fitness is a lifelong journey and lucky for us we are just starting.

The “team” and the dichotomy within our affiliate.

I am going to take this opportunity to set some things straight (or try to at least).


The time we work out.

We wake up at 0515 and workout in the morning (not the optimal time to workout in any way, shape, or form) so that you can attend classes in the afternoon (which is the optimal time to workout).

Who works out.

Coaches. We spend our sports period coaching you guys, so it makes sense that we HAVE to workout at a different time. In terms of who we add to the “team” – yes we look for people who are strong and good at CrossFit – it is important, but not the primary factor. They have to know about movement, have heart, and most importantly, have the desire to help anyone who comes to us to become better and have the personality that will allow them to be great coaches.

Our primary focus is helping all athletes reach their maximum potential.



We do the same workouts that you guys do. The only difference is load (i.e. 185# instead of 155#). Other than that, we do what you do.

Reasons for doing CrossFit.

Our goal is to achieve the highest level of GPP possible – and have a little fun competing at the same time. All of us love Friday Night Lights competitions – because they are fun and we get to compete against one another. More importantly, we get to compete against ourselves.

The only one you have to compete against in CrossFit is yourself. Push yourself to your limits and make yourself better.

In Conclusion..

Hopefully this communicates our reason for starting this blog up. I love seeing everyone push themselves every day in the effort to cast a better version of themselves through iron, sweat, and the occasional wall ball 🙂

Keep up the great work. You guys are awesome.

Never Alone.



One comment

  1. Phil Wears · · Reply

    Awesome job Ben. I am excited to get back in to it. This is a great resource, and hopefully a utilized one.

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